Whispers to Oblivion (Soundtrack)

by The Danbury Lie

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Whispers to Oblivion: A Cross-Country Experience is a 35-minute music video documentary of my trip across the United States in the summer of 2015.

The videos are a collection of scenery, street art, architecture, street performers and other random stuff I filmed with my handheld camera and phone as I roamed through various towns and cities between Connecticut and the West Coast.

The music comes from my project The Danbury Lie and features 11 songs that provide an interesting ambiance for the videos.

Some of the highlights include footage from Nashville, Colorado, Montana, Portland and Seattle.

Please visit www.whispers2oblivion.com to watch the movie.

Enjoy the journey...


released November 10, 2015



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The Danbury Lie Connecticut

Transients you may have heard or do not know.

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Track Name: Pumpernickel
I need your help
Write me this song
I tried it myself but the words came out wrong
Oh, so long...

Then it feel from the sky
I didn't even try
Like finding the answers
Without asking why

Listen, my friend
Stay true 'til the end
These words I will send
From 'round the bend

Conclusions I've reached
I say with a sigh
I don't need your hell
So I'll say goodbye
Track Name: Black Tar Pineapple
Tell me black tar pineapple, is that what you need?
Yes I found I can survive one year at 43

Tell me black tar pineapple, how many can you feed
Guess I know I'll never die from your black tar lung disease

I have never listened to what I have been told
Guess I forgot about that Dole that's growing old

Tell me black tar pineapple, how did you earn your creed?
Yes I need your separate key to the club for the elite

Sell me black tar pineapple, to your addictive ways
Guess I'll bomb a drop on this and then on the couch I'll graze
Track Name: Derek Bailey Was Right
It dies once you give it a name.
Track Name: Memorial Day
Are we the victim of a game?
Something we'll never see, don't hope to be a part of
Only a few will know the truth
Mostly they'll run away, believe there's no conspiracy


So are we looking for a way
To be free
Live in peace
And take responsibility

'Cause only we can choose to say it's not right
Someday they'll pay, 'til then we'll fight another day
Track Name: One Small Step
'Cause it's one small step for man
One giant leap for me
And I left with a broken hand
But it's still there at least

So go home to your place of comfort and leave me all alone
I'll try to focus on the one thing that helps me find my soul

'Cause it's one small step for man
And I knocked out my teeth
And I may not have it all
But at least I have belief

So walk on down the painted line that helps you know the way
I'll try to pretend I'm not lost, but I can't guarantee

Yeah it's one small step for man
One giant leap for me
And I left with a broken hand
But it's the very least...
Track Name: Decay
With within, no pretension
The way we roll
Out without contradiction, the way we're told


Eyes realizing sterilizing
Against the wall
Stamp sizing, demoralizing
Live like a troll


Can't find it
Capsize it
Can't make the toll
New confusion, old solution
We can't unfold again...
Track Name: Whispers to Oblivion
A whisper to oblivion
A call that goes unheard to none
The grain of sand creates a path
Becomes an avalanche of aftermath
Track Name: Drinking Song
Thinking of the past
You know that it won't last
Pour another glass
Follow through and tour
Grab another round
Nothing lost is found
Can you heard the sound?
We'll be singing

The present is today
What else can we say
All the games we play
It's a take and give
The future is unclear
Raise your cup, say cheers
Celebrate the years
We'll be singing

Follow through
With the help of you
We'll see this through
Raise your cup and celebrate the years
Track Name: As of Yet
...And through the darkness we will find a way
To make it through another day
'Cause when the dawn comes we will see our fate
And as of yet it's not too late